Feb. 22, 2017 | 10 AM CST


Model-less process control technology brings improved performance and reliability, while eliminating many of the costs, maintenance and other ownership challenges that have come to characterize model-based control.


Model-less technology combines historical lessons from the pre-computer era and hard-earned lessons from the model-based era, with innovative solutions, such as Rate-Predictive Control (RPC™) and Model-less Multivariable Control (XMC™).


This live webcast will share patented breakthrough model-less process control technology with control engineers, advanced control specialists, engineering and operations managers, and control system manufacturers and system integrators.

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Featuring: Allan Kern, P.E., Owner & President, APC Performance, LLC

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Allan Kern, Owner & President, APC Performance, LLC

Allan Kern has 35 years of industrial process control and automation experience.  From 2001 to 2008, he served as Process Automation Leader at a major Middle Eastern refinery, where he led deployment and support of advanced process control technology, and where his professional pursuit of improved process control performance began.  Since then, Mr. Kern has authored dozens of papers on a wide range of process control topics and, especially, has become a leading industry voice on the topic of advanced process control performance.  This pursuit eventually revealed root issues and common factors affecting both single-loop and multivariable control practice and performance, which in turn led to the development of the model-less process control technology to be seen in this webinar.  Mr. Kern is a professional engineer in Chemical Engineering and Control Systems Engineering, a Senior Member of ISA, a member of the InTech Editorial Advisory Board, and is a 1981 graduate of the University of Wyoming, College of Engineering.


Moderator: Lee Nichols, Editor/Associate Publisher, Hydrocarbon Processing

Lee Nichols manages all content and business development for Hydrocarbon Processing, as well as data/content for Gulf Publishing Company’s Data Division. This includes all data content for Hydrocarbon Processing`s Construction Boxscore Database, annual Market Data Book and US Gas Plant Directory. Lee has more than a decade of experience in the downstream industry, and has a primary expertise in market research and trends analysis for the global downstream construction and investment sector. Lee has published over 60 articles in Hydrocarbon Processing and Gas Processing magazines, as well as presented numerous public/private speeches/webcasts on the global downstream construction and investment sector.

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