Webinar Series: Don't Let Your CEO Lose Sleep Over This

Part 3 - NASA Knows Best: Handling a Daunting Attack Surface


Most of us understand how difficult it is to secure an attack surface for a business operating on a regional, national, or even international stage. However, few of us face the challenge of managing a business like our national space program, whose partners are typically outside their organizational political borders.

Join us for an exclusive interview with Larry Sweet, former CIO of NASA, as he shares the daily struggle of remaining secure on a worldwide stage.

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Featuring: Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist at InfoSystems & Larry Sweet , Branch Chief of Center Operations Directorate & former CIO, NASA

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Larry Sweet, Branch Chief of Center Operations Directorate, former CIO, NASA

Larry Sweet is the former NASA Branch Chief in the Center Operations Directorate. During his tenure as CIO, he focused on increasing collaboration among the agency’s geographically-dispersed centers and with the other federal agencies, strengthened the security of NASA’s IT infrastructure, identified and addressed inefficiencies, reduced costs in current programs, and maximized the use of enterprise and shared services.


Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist, InfoSystems

Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist at InfoSystems has over 30 years in IT beginning in a large data center in  the Midwest.  Since that time, Mike has worked in over 50 data centers as an employee or consultant in over 20 states.  His range covers operations to software development but his true passion involves the business of IT and the tools that make it better.