Webinar Series: Don`t let your CEO lose sleep over this...

Part 1: An UN-Common Sense Guide to Security



If you’re keeping up with the news, your CEO is sleeping with one eye open.  The success of the business is not just about making good business decisions anymore.  It's about mitigating threats.  It's about becoming more agile.  And sometimes, it's about looking at IT as a revenue generating asset instead of a utility.


This series will offer guidance for super-charging your IT engine by cherry picking the best ideas offered by the best idea-makers.


In Part 1 of our series, we’re going to focus on a different approach…an UN-Common Sense Guide to Security.


You don’t have to look too far to find a security breach that costs millions in fines and untold millions in lost revenue.  It's front page news! Target Stores, BCBS Anthem, or even our US Tax Records – we are all vulnerable.  Most of us feel like we’ve done all we can to lock down our systems.  But did you consider that large retailers like Target already had a huge budget dedicated to managing this risk?  If the “big boys” can’t figure security out, how can you? 


Please join Mike Baker, Security Consultant, IBM Software Division at Arrow Electronics, and Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist at InfoSystems, Inc for this value-packed 30 minute webcast ending with a live Q&A. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Featuring: Mike Baker, Security Consultant at Arrow Electronics & Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist at InfoSystems

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Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist, InfoSystems

Mike Caffrey, Chief Strategist at InfoSystems has over 30 years in IT beginning in a large data center in  the Midwest.  Since that time, Mike has worked in over 50 data centers as an employee or consultant in over 20 states.  His range covers operations to software development but his true passion involves the business of IT and the tools that make it better.


Mike Baker, Security Consultant, IBM Software Division, Arrow Electronics

Mike Baker has been working in the Security arenas for the past 13 years, working particularly in secure application development and security event management. For the past 8 years, he’s worked with a variety of leading security companies helping customers plan and implement various security products. The majority of Mike’s work has been in the Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Education verticals.