The Guide to the Digital Revolution & Technology Shaping Less Than Truckload Shipping


Demand for LTL is likely to increase in the coming months as more companies look to the new administration with hopes for decreasing barriers to domestic manufacturing and exports to other countries. Consequently, the rise in demand for capacity and subtle increases in LTL shipping costs will require shippers look for innovative ways to keep costs down and manage their LTL shipping strategy; more shippers will need an LTL TMS. However, not all TMS solutions are created equal, so knowing the core functions of quality systems encourages positive returns and further enhances your reputation and capacity as a shipper.

In this 40-minute webinar about LTL shipping and technology you'll learn:

• EDI vs. APIs in Less Than Truckload Shipping: How Do They Compare & What Should a Shipper Use?

• Less-Than-Truckload Inbound Shipping: Using Technology to Stay Collaborative With Vendors

• What Less-Than-Truckload Data Should a Shipper Track?

• Less-Than-Truckload Tracking & Visibility: Why Shipper Communication & Carrier Transparency Matters

• What Should an LTL Transportation Management System Do for Me as a Shipper?

With so many variables going into LTL shipping, data, software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems, artificial intelligence, cloud-based system, technology and everything in-between, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But, Cerasis can help you with all those challenges and possibilities and give you access to the original LTL-dedicated TMS system, the Cerasis Rater. It is time to move into the next generation of LTL shipping standards, and your moving partner is ready to help you.

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Featuring: Adam Robinson

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Adam Robinson, Marketing Manager, Cerasis

Adam Robinson oversees the creation and execution of the marketing strategy for Cerasis, including website, social media, trade show, email and webinar marketing.

Adam lives in the Dallas area where Cerasis has their sales and marketing staff. He spends a lot of his time researching the marketplace and better understanding the trends and best practices for effective freight and logistics management, as well as keeping his ear to the ground as he blogs about industry trends affecting manufacturers, distributors, and anyone shipping freight.